Large phpBB Site Examples

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Re: Large phpBB Site Examples

Post by cspielman »

Actually, I hadn't read all the replies before saying Thanks. Lots of URLs..thank you very much.
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Re: Large phpBB Site Examples

Post by k98man »

Hey, I know this is super old, but just found it through Google.

What them is the and/or how can I replicate it? The phpBB functionality really intrigues me, but the problem is the design. Gameservers has done a good job IMO.


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Re: Large phpBB Site Examples

Post by unisoftdev »

Possibly, someone could be still interested to see a working forums built on PHPBB.

There's a trick. You can search for: powered by PHPBB and Google shows you rather the larger websites.

You could already have seen:
Joomla! Forums
PHPBB Forums
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