Website integration advice?

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Shadow of Nobody
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Website integration advice?

Post by Shadow of Nobody »

Up until this point, on my website I'd been using phpBB and MediaWiki integrated via a MW extension. Having shut down my website for a redesign yesterday, I'd decided to try look into trying to more deeply integrate it, possibly via CMS (Perhaps Joomla?).

I'm not that great of a programmer; I can't make anything particularly dazzling from the ground up, but consider myself fairly competent at comprehending how things work and how to modify them; I'd like to try this out, but I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle (Though I do have all the time in the world).

That said, I know there's apparently already a few extensions between certain softwares to make this kinda thing easy; but having everything properly linked instead of just tacked onto each other would be more favourable, right?
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Re: Website integration advice?

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Re: Website integration advice?

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i think joomla is good choice :D
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Re: Website integration advice?

Post by 3Di »

there are different bridges that allow you to connect phpBB2/3 to different CMSs, google for it.
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