[Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

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[Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by Erisar »

For discussion of the announcement.
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by onehundredandtwo »

Best wishes for the future Eric! And good luck for prototech as the new styles team leader. :)
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Christian 2.0
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by Christian 2.0 »

Never nice to see a resignation, but thanks for everything you've done for the phpBB styling community (and thanks for validating my style ;)). I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours :)

Also congratulations to Prototech, it's great to see a young talent take on such a big responsibility :). Best of luck :) .

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by Highway of Life »

Thanks for everything Eric, it was great to have you for such a long time.
Congratulations to Cesar! Looking forward to what you have planned for the styles team. :)
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by ric323 »

Well done Eric. I think many people will be very thankful for the years of work you've put in. :)
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by leviatan21 »

Another sadly day for phpbb, Erisar thank you very much for all your work.
And off course, my best wishes for prototech
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by JimA »

Thanks for everything you've done for phpBB Eric, and congratulations Cesar. :)
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by darcie »

Big thanks to Eric for all your work over the years! And high fives on your promotion to my nearest team neighbor, prototech! :D
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by Elias »

Thanks for all!!
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by berlo »

Thank you for your dedication, and good luck in the future!

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by 3Di »

Thanks. ;)
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by AaronT »

good luck :D

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by ameisez »

Looks like phpbb staff is on transitioning season...

Thank you Erisar for the lead work contributed to the community...

Goodluck to prototech for the days to come...
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by keith10456 »

Thanks for all of the hard work and may God bless your future endeavors :)
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by isloera »

Thank you Erisar for all your hard work and Congratulations to you Cesar. Calvilloweb is very proud of you :D

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