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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by parasolx »

Hope we can see new improvement in theming for new gen of phpBB.

God bless all.

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by MichaelC »

Sad to see you go Eric. But congrats to protech. ;)
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by Raenath »

Resignations make me sad. :(

Well, in the little time I've been here, I think I can safely say you've done a great job and have been a valuable asset to the whole phpBB staff. I surely hope you'll stick around in the community after resigning!

Best of luck to you, and thank you for all of your hard work!

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by damsprivate »

i think phpbb is regenerating :) so many changes :|
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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by TheIlluminative »

Thank you Eric for everything you have done for phpBB, and good luck in your future :)

And best wishes for prototech in his new position :)

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by rayallen100 »

Thank you for your dedication!

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Re: [Discuss] New Styles Team Leader

Post by lynsz »

Best wishes

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