T-shirt design contest results

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T-shirt design contest results

Post by DavidIQ »

As was just announced, Congratulations Christian 2.0 for your winning entry in the t-shirt design contest!

Let's all give him a big round of applause for his design efforts.

I would also like to thank everyone else that submitted designs for this contest. They are much appreciated. We hope that they may have inspired others to brush up on their design skills. :)

The winning designs:

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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by Boardtalk.net »

Well done Christian 2.0
I'll have one of each please :D
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by igorw »

Congrats! While it was a tough choice, good one indeed! I'll surely be getting one of these. :)
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by Mighty Gorgon »

Really nice!

Congratulations Christian! :D
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by onehundredandtwo »

Congrats Christian. :D

I especially like the silver on black. Well done!
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by ricjonhay »

Well done the best man won
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by Typo »

Great design, love the blue one especially. Well done Christian 2.0

It was a great contest. Perhaps we can do it again for the next phpbb T.
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by quahappy »

Congratulations, Christian! Commiserations to all other entries. They were all excellent. :)

The grey-scale phpBB logo on biack is my favourite. :D
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by wang5555 »

Good job.
Congratulations Christian!
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Good luck ^_^
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by tbackoff »

Congrats mate. I like the black one best. :D
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by Rahber »

Congrats man ! :) i 'll be soon getting the blue one as they become available ;)
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by Peter77sx »

Those are great. :) I really like the blue one. Congrats Christian.
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by RMcGirr83 »


No code? :P

Congrats Christian, well deserved!

...and the applause

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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by eman80 »

Congratulations, Christian :)

Great job 8-)

I like the blue one :D
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Re: T-shirt design contest results

Post by stickerboy »

Congrats Christian, I will definitely be getting me one of those t-shirts :D
Thanks to all others who participated as well :)
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