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Search facilty

Post by PeterArcher »

I have joined this forum because I have recently joined another forum - "" which uses phpBB.
On that forum I complained about the search facility and how it is more or less unusable. every response I received said it was the standard search facility used by phpBB. If this is the case then I fail to understand how a system that powers other discussion forums can have such a dreadful search facility. Surely a discussion forum is the exact application that requires a good search tool. For instance I can not search for an exact phrase within the forum messages, this is usually done by enclosing the phrase in double or single quotation marks. This simply does not work. How can I use a discussion group where I can't do this most basic of searches. I am quite willing to be shot down in flames if I've made any premise about phpBB that does not hold, but please tell me if I'm wrong. If I can't search my discussion forum then there is no real point in joining one, and hence not much point in phpBB.
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Re: Search facilty

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

Exact phrase searching is available with some of the search plugins available for phpBB, but not with the default fulltext native search. The Sphinx search plugin used here at supports exact phrases, and I don't have the facility to try right now, but I believe the fulltext mysql plugin (which is bundled) also can handle exact phrase searches.
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