Tutorial: Creating smilies.pak file and importing smilies

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Tutorial: Creating smilies.pak file and importing smilies

Post by munnibhai »

Hello guys,
if this topic is not in correct forum, i truly apologise for this, please move this to appropriate.

Here i will write that how do we create smilies.pak file and add smilies to the forum.

First of all you should have all your smilies/ images in a folder.
Open notepad or notepad++.
Write the code in this format

'smiley_name.ext', 'width', 'height', '1', 'description_of_smiley', 'code',

for example i have a smiley named happy.gif with width x height of 50x45, I will write it like this

'happy.gif', '50', '45', '1', 'Smiling Face', ':)',

Similary write code for each smiley in a new line.

When finished, save as smilies.pak in the same folder where there are images are present.

Now copy all these files (images/ smilies and smilies.pak files) in phpbb_root/images/smilies.

Login to admin pannel of the forum and go to POSTINGS > SMILIES

Click on link "Install Smilies Package".

On new page, you will see smilies.pak listed in the txt field with 3 options.

Replace Matches
Keep All
Delete All

Selection 1st option will replace any match with the new one.
Keep All will keep all old and new smilies, creating duplicates.
Delete All will delete all old smilies and install new ones.

Select the option you want to have and press "Install Smilies Package" button.

hurrayyyyyy... we are done.

Note: This tutorial applies to phpbb3.x.x version
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Re: Tutorial: Creating smilies.pak file and importing smilie

Post by GreyHead »

Just to add to this.

The .pak file must have a comma at the end of every line - including the last smilie - and must end with an empty line. If not then you get the "Incomplete information" error message.


Code: Select all

. . .
'bat_wall.gif', '25', '16', '1', 'The wall', ':wall:', 
'bat_welcome.gif', '43', '40', '1', 'Welcome', ':welcome:', 
'bat_whistle.gif', '21', '16', '1', 'Whistle', ':whistle:',

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Re: Tutorial: Creating smilies.pak file and importing smilie

Post by JimA »

Feel free to submit your article to the Knowledge Base and our Support Team will take a look at it. :)
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