Spam attacks

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Re: Spam attacks

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A_Jelly_Doughnut wrote:It appears that Google has rolled out a revision to reCaptcha which replaces some letters by their outline. We'll see if this is effective, I guess.
I hope so :D

I can't read it anymore... :(

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Re: Spam attacks

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Callum95 wrote:
Martin Truckenbrodt wrote:Hello,
devs are talking about ip addresses and ip address ranges. Why not to update and to optimize the phpBB3 default dnsbl_check? :roll:

Bye Martin
Because, as said in other threads, blacklists are a waste of time

As I stated before, a couple of weeks ago I suddenly started to receive successful human spam registrations on my board. Something not seen in well over two years.

After I started to use Stopforumspam the spam registrations went back down to zero.
Stopforumspam works with blacklists.

As far as I can tell from my personal experience your statement is not very accurate.
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