Norwegian language pack

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Norwegian language pack

Post by Alma7 »

I'm making multi-lingual message boards directed principally at Europe. I have found most of the language packs I needed, installed, and no problem. THANKS to all who have created those.

I read somewhere that a Norwegian language pack is being worked on. Is there any idea of when it's likely to be available ?

Also I noticed there aren't language packs for Icelandic and Latvian. I don't need those languages just yet, but can see myself needing them in the future. Do we know if those are being worked on, or are they simply not likely to become available ?

Thanks a lot... I'm really thankful for all the languages that are already available. :)

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Re: Norwegian language pack

Post by ameeck »

Contact Maël, who is in charge of translations, he should be familiar about the current status.

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