Porting PhPBB to node.js

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Porting PhPBB to node.js

Post by scworldnetter »

I have been using PhPBB for a couple of years now, and my latest implementation of it took so much work to get it to run like a modern website that it makes me wonder if PhPBB has hit the end of the line. The web is moving on, and PhPBB is staying left behind. I did manage to create an HTML5 template and had to do considerable hacking to get some basic custom fields to allow people to enter their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, add social networking features (SN mod) etc, etc... The sheer number of features missing to make PhPBB modern and up to date is very long.

I like most of the discussion features of PhPBB, but the default look and feel fo prosilver reminds me of the web in the 1990's. Today, everything is JAJAX enabled, and this is also going away to make room for websockets, which are turning HTML pages into single page HTML5 applications.

PhPBB as it stands has its days numbered. People are jumping ship and moving on to more modern social networking platforms and also to WordPress. But staying on PhP is not reasonable either because PhP itself seems to have been designed for the old request/response mode of the web.

The natural platform to move PhPBB to is node.js, and building a rich client HTML5 application for the front end that will do all the wonderful, dynamic killer UI things that can be done in today's modern HTML5 world.

If anyone here is interested in embarking in such a project, please let me know. I would certainly be interested.
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Re: Porting PhPBB to node.js

Post by tbackoff »

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scworldnetter wrote:The natural platform to move PhPBB to is node.js
Really? Why is this the "natural" platform to move to? Also, keep in mind that phpBB is phpBB, not node.jsBB or insert-your-favorite-programming-languageBB. I really don't see phpBB moving to another programming language for two main reasons:
  • too much work to re-code
  • it wouldn't be phpBB any longer (see my "names" above)
You might want to have a read here.
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Re: Porting PhPBB to node.js

Post by Pit$Bull »

scworldnetter wrote:PhPBB has hit the end of the line.
I can agree with that, the developers seem to be on a extended holiday in NY. :shock:
scworldnetter wrote:the default look and feel of Quicksilver
Hmmm...... I've only been around a short time, but I don't remember 'Quicksilver. Maybe you mean Prosilver. :roll:
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Re: Porting PhPBB to node.js

Post by igorw »

Switching to a different programming language / environment will not automagically solve all problems. Just because node.js is "hip" does not mean that is is better suited for implementing a forum. I agree with some of your points, I disagree with your way of solving them.
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