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Re: phpBB T-Shirts

Post by Big-Jim »

I am sure you are right, it just seems strange to me that I am allowed to tell someone I have a phpBB forum but I can’t have the same words printed on a T-Shirt without setting the stage for a lawsuit. It is of little consequence anyway since I am not planning a T-Shirt business venture anytime soon. I just thought I was helping the opening poster out by giving him what I believed was another option. Apparently I was wrong. I apologize if it caused any problems.
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Re: phpBB T-Shirts

Post by Marshalrusty »

Really, no problem at all. Trust me when I say that intellectual property law is something I have very mixed feelings about.

There is a whole section on Wikipedia dedicated to how it is destroying the world as we know it :lol: ... perty_laws
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