Recommended 'ChatApp' for latest release 3.0.12

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Recommended 'ChatApp' for latest release 3.0.12

Post by cpcnw »

Hi All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place and I guess at the risk of being flamed I have the following question;

Are the mods listed here tested and generally proven to work without issue as long as installed correctly? ... nication-6

I know integrated chat isnt every likely to be a part of the main distro but I have a requirement
for it and would like to hear from others who have installed mChat and are happyn with it?

Thanks a mill!

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Re: Recommended 'ChatApp' for latest release 3.0.12

Post by Jessica »

Yes they should work
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Re: Recommended 'ChatApp' for latest release 3.0.12

Post by mandrake88 »

A free and unwanted advice: the best chat app for your forum is chat app. Chat goes against the concept of having a forum, i never saw a successful forum that had a successful chat, is always the same result, or the chat is dead, or the forum is dead, they don't mix well together.

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