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[ Request ] header

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:59 am
by wfouly
Hello World,
I like phpbb so much , and i like the header which contain Taps like [ About Downloads Customise Support Development Blog Community Hosting ]
So i want this full header template and codes
will i find any professional helping me ?
Will support team helping me ?
Thanks for all .

Re: [ Request ] header

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:04 pm
by david63
The phpBB website can be found on github -

Re: [ Request ] header

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:16 pm
by wfouly
Thanks so much david63 ,
But i found some thing when i see the Setting up it needs ssh access , and i'm shared hosting there is no ssh . :?:
I need only Header with taps like template and codes
what can i do ?

Re: [ Request ] header

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:55 pm
by Lumpy Burgertushie
You don't need any of that to get what you want.

This site uses a custom style that is very close to prosilver_se.
I have used that style to create something very close to what has.
You can see it here:
You can download the current 3.1 version of it here:
Install it on your 3.1.9 board.

To change the header background image:
1.upload your image to the styles/dotcom/theme/images folder.
2. edit the styles/dotcom/theme/stylesheet.css file;

Code: Select all

.headerbar {
	background-color: #7C8891;
	background-image: url("./images/header-3.jpg");
	width: auto;
	height: 200px;
	border-radius: 7px 7px 0 0;
	margin-bottom: 0px;
	padding: 0;
change the header-3.jpg to whatever your image filename is
then change the height: 200px;
to whatever the height of your image is.

To edit the menu:
1. open the styles/dotcom/template/menu.htmlfile in a good text editor.
edit the links and the link text to whatever you want.
for instance, the HOME link is this:
<li><a href="?home">Home</a></li>
you would change the ?home to and the Home to whatever text you want to show in the menu.

If you have any problems or questions just ask.


Re: [ Request ] header

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:58 am
by yaooke
Hey Robert, I installed it and it works fine, thank you very much.
I got a question though, is it possible to have different headers on every different page, like how it is on

Re: [ Request ] header

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:23 am
by Mick
Posted previously:
david63 wrote:The phpBB website can be found on github -
That should help or you could request an extension.