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Showing inactive users in Member Groups

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:06 pm
by cedricthecat
We've got a Member Group (hidden) that is for members paying an annual subscription to our car club

A few folks who have yet to log on to the board have already paid subs and we'd like the Group that they are in to show their name right from the start. Try as I might with edits to membergroup.php, I can't get them to show at all - whereas the memberlist will show "-" under "Last active", in Groups they are simply not appearing

We've got a number of custom memberlists, showing different profile fields etc, but also two Admin only ones, to compare all members (so those who have never logged on) and active only. The only difference to their own memberlist.php files are

WHERE u.user_type IN (" . USER_NORMAL . ', ' . USER_FOUNDER . ', ' . USER_INACTIVE . ")

for the all members version and

WHERE u.user_type IN (" . USER_NORMAL . ', ' . USER_FOUNDER . ")

for the active only version, at around lines 1286 and 1471, under "// Count the users ..." and "// Get us some users"

I've tried the same logic in the identical and identically placed code in membergroup.php, but sadly it doesn't seem to make any difference!

I've also looked at all the instances of "last visit" and "last active" and still no joy

If any kind soul could suggest a way to solve this conundrum, I would be very grateful! :)

Re: Showing inactive users in Member Groups

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:48 am
by cedricthecat
Is this not possible?

Am I actually looking in the wrong place?! :roll: