Tapatalk security issue

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Re: Tapatalk security issue

Post by warmweer »

Frankly (it's been mentioned before), the tapatalk extension is an external extension, NOT tested for validation on phpBB and as such no support should be offered on phpBB, whether it's about installation, "extallation" or any problems encountered.
There have been issues with updating and upgrading phpBB installations with tapatalk installed and the solution in most cases was to uninstall tapatalk completely before updating/grading.
It may sound harsh and it's not something I could enforce but I don't even see any point in giving support for a board with tapatalk installed, even when the problem seems to be related to something else. Remove tapatalk completely (and I mean 100% completely) and if the problem remains ... then support is offered and given.
*End of rant* ;)
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Re: Tapatalk security issue

Post by DTMWC »

I was always under the impression that some of the code on TapaTalk was purposely written in a way to try to stop people being able to copy it, modify it and sell it.

There are instances with TapaTalk support where if you point out a problem to them - even with screenshots, they will tell you that it's only happening to you, they can't replicate it and it's not a problem their end... this can go on for 8 posts, and they still deny it... even if you've given them clear instructions how to replicate it.

Then when a few more people come along and report the same issue - magically they seem to be capable of replicating it and look into a fix.
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Re: Tapatalk security issue

Post by RMcGirr83 »

I warn customers about it but they don't care...because meh. Opened this a while ago for the latest version, PS I agree with Paul reading that code makes me want to drink but not water, and it still hasn't been fixed or even acknowledged.

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