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ColdFusion login

Post by raider49er » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:42 am

I am not a php programmer, so please bear with me. I am trying to tie phpbb into my existing website which already has users and passwords. I am working in ColdFusion (with Jquery & javascript as needed) I know how to get users into the phpbb_users table and get the passwords hashed and all. But I don't know what needs to be done to log them in and start a session. I see the phpbb_sessions table and can insert entries there. I also see 3 cookies that are created and can create them. But that does not appear to be enough.

Has anyone fully tied phpbb into your coldfusion website and been able to create and terminate sessions? If so, can you share the code? or at least give me some clues what I am missing or where to find it?


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