php 7.3 support - debian buster

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php 7.3 support - debian buster

Post by m707 » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:06 pm

Having used debian stable for decades now, I upgraded my servers to buster in July.

PHPBB 3.2.7 kept running without any problem.

Today I wanted to update phpbb to 3.2.8 and failed due to php 7.3 used in buster. I crawled the web a little and found:

who offers a variety of php packages for debian/ubuntu. I installed 7.2 did the update and switched back to 7.3-fpm.

No issues so far, but I will backup regularly.

Would greatly appreciated to have a phpbb version that will keep track with debian stable php packages, though. You are not used to get hit by a "you use software that is to new" problem as a debian stable user ;).

HTH somebody else hit by the same issue.

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Re: php 7.3 support - debian buster

Post by lopoto » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:48 pm

the highest php that can be used is 7.2 :geek:

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