"Your posts" search doesn't find topics in Extensions-discussion forum

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"Your posts" search doesn't find topics in Extensions-discussion forum

Post by BigBlockMopar »

Topics/Posts started/made in the "Customisation Database" Extensions forum, don't show on the "Your posts"-search under the Quick Menu.
When I occassionally visit phpbb.com, I always hit the "Your Posts"-link to quickly see if any new replies have been made, but it just occured to me there are no topics from the Extensions-subforum present.

Anyone else found this too?

Now I need to remember to hit the 'Notify me'-checkmark everytime in the Extension-forum.
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Re: "Your posts" search doesn't find topics in Extensions-discussion forum

Post by AbaddonOrmuz »

I guess that the extension they use for the customization database (extensions/styles), called Titania as far as I know, isn't fully integrated with phpBB.

It has been that way as far as I remember.

I'm not sure if it must increase the global post counter, but at least a link in the profile with a link where I can see my own posts from the customization database would be useful.
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Re: "Your posts" search doesn't find topics in Extensions-discussion forum

Post by AmigoJack »

This is an issue since it exists. You have to explicitly call https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/search (that's the gear symbol next to the search box in the extension list) and then issue your own username as author (i.e. https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/search/results?keywords=&author=AmigoJack) - that way you'll at least find all the posts you wrote.

I even believe in the past UCP > Overview also contained vertical tabs named "Your extensions" or similar, which also gave you the chance to keep track of which Titania topics had new posts. But I'm not sure anymore, and I suspect nowadays no maintainer would even grasp what I mean.
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