Security Configuration Settings

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Security Configuration Settings

Post by rizvinazish »

Hi All
I got the following issues from my security department.
Unrestricted API Access/User Enumeration ... &u={UserID}
Attacker can enumerate users by changing the userID value.

Unrestricted File Access{FileID}
Attacker can enumerate files by changing the id value.

Week Cipher Algorithms:
3DES and SSLv3

Both needs to be disabled on the server.

I tried to search solution on forums, but no luck.
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Re: Security Configuration Settings

Post by david63 »

If you believe that you have found security issues you should post them in the Security Tracker (found under the Development tab above) and not on the board for all the world to see.
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Re: Security Configuration Settings

Post by 3Di »

rizvinazish wrote:
Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:17 am
I got the following issues from my security department.
Unrestricted API Access/User Enumeration
And what can they do once they know how many users or files exist? It also seems to me that the number of users is available in online statistics so there is no need to make much effort. Certain techniques only serve to understand how interesting an eventual attack could be, which would surely fail anyway.
An attacker can use enumeration methods to get a picture of whether or how a target can respond to system hacking activities. By uncovering information on whether or how a defender can respond will allow the attacker to modify their attack accordingly to make their activity more productive.
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Re: Security Configuration Settings

Post by Brf »

Yes. It is ridiculous to think that would be an attack. You can do the same thing with viewforum and viewtopic. Changing the IDs to view a different page is not an attack. Those altered page URLs still go through the same security to prevent viewing pages the user is not authorized to see.
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