Ad Banner URL Question

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Ad Banner URL Question

Post by CGI1984 »

We are using ad banners on our site via the Advertisement Management extension. We have created an unusually long sized ad banner in order for the ad banner to maintain its image quality on higher screen resolutions. So the banner we are using is 80 pixels high by 1700 pixels wide, thus 80x1700. This aspect ratio seems to create a very large empty gap under our banners when they display on the site. As a result, we are wondering if it might be possible to add something to the html link format we are using below in order to force the site to reduce the gap to something much smaller?

<a href=""><img src="" width="100%/>

Thank you.

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Re: Ad Banner URL Question

Post by thecoalman »

You already asked your question in the extensions discussion which is the appropriate place for it: ... pic/217966

Closing this as duplicate topic.
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