Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

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Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Yes - All the time
Yes - On occasion
No - Never
No - Wait, there's a 'save draft' feature?
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Total votes: 56

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Lumpy Burgertushie
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

In my experience, most people don't make complex and well thought out posts.
for me, if I want to do that type of post, I will use a text editor and then copy /paste.

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Random American
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by Random American »

I understand. I wish the save drafts feature allowed people to edit drafts like posts and actually see the BBcode, though I think that's being worked on. What features do you think they should add that would make you more likely to use that feature?

As for well thought out posts, unfortunately what you said is true. Many people just slap sentences together and call it a post. I on the other hand try to think of them like little essays; I hope it shows.
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by qcz »

Brf wrote:
Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:31 pm
Anytime it would take me more than a minute to type a post, I type into notepad and copy from there.
Just curious, why?
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by warmweer »

qcz wrote:
Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:02 am
Just curious, why?
Some posts need more thought, or will contain multiple quotes (and my own reactions) from different posts.
The save draft feature is something I only use in case of need and seldom has it helped or saved time.
I wouldn't want to see it removed but it's far from something I need.
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by DTMWC »

Random American wrote:
Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:15 am
55% of respondents have never used this feature. That's more than I thought, as I would think people would use it for complex and well thought out posts.
Personally I went to use it about 10 years ago on a long post which included a lot of font colour and size change and various BBCodes, I then realised it didnt save the post exactly how I had formatted it - so I never used it again.

I would assume that's why it was so rarely used, as for example on a football forum where the admin runs a prediction league this feature would have been a great help when posting results every week,

There was talk of the feature being uodated a while ago and when that happens I would assume the feature will be used more... but only if the Admins realise it's been changed and remember to tell their forum members of the improvement's.
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by Scanialady »

Probably everyone has had this disappointing experience after hard work. With the same result :D

Because this function only saves plain text, it is largely useless. I prefer to use Notepad to pre-format long posts. The function is deactivated for normal users.
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by EA117 »

Only just realized today that the Private Message "Save Draft" feature, in addition to not saving attachments, doesn't save the recipients on your draft, either. So that "Reply All" you began and needed to finish later becomes a "Reply None".

An additional aspect that could be made more intuitive and complete for anyone looking at future "Safe Draft" functionality.
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by imkingdavid »

I voted Never but rarely would be more accurate. I have 2 drafts from 2012 and that's it. Other than I used it as I was writing this to confirm what I remember about the functionality.

Honestly I don't know if I've ever actually used it as intended other than this one time now as I'm reply to this topic, i.e. to save a post that I will come back to later and finish. Instead I've used it with the intent to do so but then forgot that I had saved the draft, or just decided to start over. As it currently stands, it's a bit clunky and not very intuitive, and the fact that you lose data (namely, formatting and attachments) makes me unlikely to really use it on purpose.

Suggestion based on what I see in other software: If you are working on a post, autosave it as a draft periodically (e.g. every minute). The autosave should save any content, including formatting, poll options, attachments, etc. on a per topic (for new reply drafts) and per forum basis (for new topic drafts). Then if I return to that forum or topic and go to the posting page, it should automatically load it back in, or at least ask me if I want to. Maybe have a "drafts" box on the new topic/new reply page that lets me select from a list of saved drafts. Then, autosaved drafts can last a configurable amount of time, e.g. 24 or 48 hours and then get pruned. Or the user can intentionally save the draft (instead of letting it autosave) and it would be more permanently saved.
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Re: Do you use the 'save draft' feature?

Post by Sakuraiayano »

I occasionally use it, maybe it's about to leave a while in the middle of writing,
If it is a long article, it will be directly written in the document and then pasted into the editor
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