Using phpBB with IdentityServer4

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Using phpBB with IdentityServer4

Post by ben_ci »

Hi everyone, I am maintaining my own identity server 4 to sign on users in other applications. I would like to enable existing users to access the forum built with phpBB without login again. So I am thinking if it is possible to use identity server 4 to register users. I saw the example of using external sign on service with OAuth but not sure how to do that with the identity server 4.

Thank you
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Re: Using phpBB with IdentityServer4

Post by Mick »

Hello, welcome to phpBB.

Do you have any kind of documentation for ‘Core identity server 4‘ pertinent to your request? I doubt many users here have much experience with it as it’s ASP.NET but you never know. If you get no joy here you could try a support site specifically for your server or you could try the custom coding forum but more information will be needed.
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