What are mods?

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What are mods?

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Hello phpbb community!
I am 14 years old and I am new to phpbb. As the title implied, I've been wondering what are mods and how are they different than extensions? A few websites I looked at say that phpbb has more complicated /clunky mods then other forum software packages, is that statement true?
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Re: What are mods?

Post by .m. »

mods are used for older versions of phpBB - they need editing of main phpBB files.
Extensions are used with the recent versions of phpBB. now main files are seldom edited.

both are meant for extending functionality of phpBB
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Re: What are mods?

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

extensions require no editing of files at all. they are completely stand alone.
you download the extension. unzip it and upload it to your server where you have phpbb installed.

you then access your admin panel in phpbb and click on the customize tab and then click on extensions and the click enable.
some extensions have configurations and will therefore have a configuration panel. others do not.

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