Does phpBB violate PHP's license

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Re: Does phpBB violate PHP's license

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Heo32 wrote:
Fri Aug 21, 2020 8:40 pm
It is still worth asking if things are in check and in order. Instead of being on the offensive and attacking the author's topic, try acting mature, sincere and respectful towards techboyg5. I know it is popular these days to label others as bad guys, but his intentions are good. So chill out.
To be fair, If I used a website and thought there was possibly a licence violation, I would have contacted the owners discreetly because posting it in a public domain could give some people the impression that I was being picky or trying to stir the pot.

A quick PM or an email gives the owner a chance to reply and put the issue to bed, whereas posting it publicly could potentially lead to people wrongly thinking a licence violation had taken place etc.
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Re: Does phpBB violate PHP's license

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Re: Does phpBB violate PHP's license

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although this is off topic... thanks.

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