No LAN access

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No LAN access

Post by vmsman »

I installed a brand new PHPBB. It works perfectly. I have SSL enabled. It is completely accessible via SSL from the WAN. On the LAN side, I get an "unable to connect". If I connect to my VPN provider which tunnels my client off network, I can login and use my PHPBB just fine. I've read where I just need to edit my .htaccess file which is located in /var/www/html on my server:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

Outside network access from the WAN works. Despite this change, I am still not able to access phpBB from my LAN. The main installation is here:
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: No LAN access

Post by 2600 »

I need a little more information on how you are connecting locally via LAN. It's possible that you are not entering the URL correct. In a local environment your domain will not work. The domain would be like localhost\"this phpBB folder" Replace "this phpBB folder"with the one in the html directory. This is also true for Wampserver, XAMPP, etc. I'm not sure about Linux actually, but the URL localhost\"this phpBB folder" may need a forward / or backward \ slash.

Two corrections:

1) It's phpBB not PHPBB. (PHP= Hypertext Preprocessor. BB= Bulletin Board.)

2) It's not SSL, it's TLS. SSL is in large part not used anymore due to its security vulnerabilities. Though, SSL is used interchangeably for TLS to describe a website that uses a encrypted connection. (SSL= Secure Sockets Layer. TLS= Transport Layer Security.)

It's just like how a lot of people say IDE for when they mean PATA. Both PATA and SATA are IDE. IDE is the Integrated Drive Electronics in the hard drive its self both PATA and SATA.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle.... :lol:

Oh! Your VPN connection means nothing about localhost. The VPN reaches the WAN. Unless of course this is a local VPN install.
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Re: No LAN access

Post by EA117 »

vmsman wrote:
Fri Aug 21, 2020 1:08 am
On the LAN side, I get an "unable to connect". If I connect to my VPN provider which tunnels my client off network, I can login and use my PHPBB just fine.
The first hurdle you're jumping through there is name resolution, i.e. DNS. Meaning when _I_ try to get to your page (or when you do through a VPN so that you're hitting the public side just like I am), I'm going to the DNS server registered for your domain, and receiving the answer of what IP address to go to from that DNS server, and attempting to make the HTTP(S) connection to that IP address.

When you're inside on the LAN, you're probably talking to a DNS server defined by your local network setup. And if "" is "your company's domain", then you might be getting answers from a local DNS server for that same domain, rather than using the public DNS server we were discussing. If you "ping" while connected to the VPN, and then "ping" without the VPN, is the IP address you're attempting to ping in those two cases any different? Or maybe even IPv4 in the success case, and IPv6 in the failure case?

If you're getting the same IP address in both cases, then do you have a web site running at or If so, does pinging that give the same IP address with VPN connected as when the VPN is not connected? And can you access that site from inside on the LAN?

If this web server is completely separate from other web sites on that can be successfully reached from inside the LAN, then you could be looking at a configuration issue of the server itself (not the Apache service) such as having a IP default route that points to a public-side router which intentionally has no idea how to reach your internal LAN network addresses. But has a correct return route for any public-side request.
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