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Re: Hit with Tremendous Spam

Post by JLA »

Having been at PHPBB for over 15 years now - best thing we recommend to remember is there is not a single magic bullet to resolve malicious activity against your board. Most board owners are not fully aware of the tremendous amount of activity on/against their sites (even smaller boards) that offers absolutely no benefit to the board owner. This activity ranges from script kiddies to well funded entities who's sole purpose is to enrich themselves off of your efforts.

Protecting your board is like a really big onion. You have to have many many layers of protection and you need to make yourself aware of all of the activity on your site and it's purpose. Starting down this path is a real eye opener for most board owners.
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Re: Hit with Tremendous Spam

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The best thing is to have a host you can trust (real professionals) and the latest up-to-date versions of the software you want to use, the rest goes by itself. You've stuck with phpBB2 and whatever you've changed in its code doesn't make you above the current risks. ;) I don't want to open a controversy, I just made an observation about your post and with full awareness.
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