Discuss: phpBB 3.2.11 Release

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Discuss: phpBB 3.2.11 Release

Post by Marc »

Please discuss the announcement here.
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Re: Discuss: phpBB 3.2.11 Release

Post by Heo32 »

Thank you for the work you've done to finalize and conclude the milestone of the phpBB 3.2 branch, Marc. And to everyone who has contributed to this project, a big thank you to all of you as well.

phpBB 3.2 Rhea:
January 07, 2017 - November 6, 2020
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Re: Discuss: phpBB 3.2.11 Release

Post by Fisch.666 »

For the filter https://tracker.phpbb.com/issues/?filter=15490 mentioned in the announcement topic only the following is shown
The requested filter doesn't exist or is private. Try logging in.
Is it possible to get this fixed?
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