PostgreSQL experience, maybe even thru migration

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PostgreSQL experience, maybe even thru migration

Post by AmigoJack »

Whoever runs phpBB with PostgreSQL for a longer time here: are there known limitations or spots that can become problematic? Right now I'm sitting here, being used to MySQL and MariaDB for years, having little to no problems with it (those few that came were solved easily). But every way I look the latter two DBMSes are legacy software, which in my phpBB world only exist because phpBB rose with it. PostgreSQL seems to outsmart the other two in every aspect, and potential problems or shortcomings that may have existed don't exist as of today (anymore).

Does anyone know a reason against migrating to PostgreSQL?
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Re: PostgreSQL experience, maybe even thru migration

Post by Lady_G »

I've been using postgreSQL since phpBB 2.x.

I'm not a database expert, but my server administrator says that postgreSQL has much better performance (compared to mySQL) for large databases.

Another criteria is migrating to postgreSQL. Moving from one database to another is not an easy process. I have never done this myself, but my opinion is based on discussions with someone who knows databases.

Perhaps you should try the migration first, then decide if you should make the change.
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Re: PostgreSQL experience, maybe even thru migration

Post by AbaddonOrmuz »

AmigoJack wrote:
Mon Feb 08, 2021 1:20 pm
Does anyone know a reason against migrating to PostgreSQL?
If you use a shared hosting, portability could be a problem since not all shared hosting companies offer PostgreSQL.

If you use a VPS or dedicated server, I see no other reason against using PostgreSQL.

I used this tool when I moved my boards to PostgreSQL some years ago, no problems at all.
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