Why would you remove the Powered by phpBB text?

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Post by Smokeydogg »

i dont see a point in removing it it doesn't hurt anything
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Post by Risp »

The only reason I could think of is layout issues, but morally it should remain
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Post by Kigen »

I leave the "Powered by phpBB" since it is the request of the phpBB team and the fact that they spent the time to actually make the forum software.

I have, in the past, made forum software. This is PowerBoards MOD and edgeBoard. Both are now shutdown but I have came across people would would remove the edgeBoard copyright from the bottom of the page. One particular was the boating club. The thing about it is that edgeBoard works under a different license than the GPL which states they had to pay $100 to get the right to remove the copyright. They neither paid nor even bothered to ask.
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Post by OriginXT »

Emufarmers wrote: I can think of several different reasons:
  • People don't want it to appear as though they're using free software, because they're trying to run a business site
  • People don't want to appear as though they're using phpBB, because they've set up a whole site around the forums and/or significantly modified them (think Gaia Online)
  • People think it will reduce the amount of spam they get (there are better methods)
  • People think it will protect them from hacking (keeping one's version up-to-date is far more effective)
  • People are greedy, and don't want to give away a free backlink on every page
I would maintain that it is still improper to remove the copyright, even in the cases listed above, but those reasons probably cover most of what's out there.

That, and the styling factor are probably the most important reasons why people remove the link.
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Post by Liquinn »

I would never remove it, they deserve to have a decent link back, I wouldn't remove it, and thus you get no support if you do :)
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Post by erk »

I came only to 2 reasons:
- security by obfuscating - pretty lame, but not everyone is a security whizz
- small penis or some other personality problems
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Post by Hades79 »

erk wrote: - small penis or some other personality problems

Wow, must be a really bad personality problem you have there...

Some reasons have already been named, and I think the "have made more out of phpBB" is a pretty good one. I've changed it to "Portions (c) phpBB..." instead of "Powered by phpBB" about a year ago. Why? Because basically only 5% of the code in forum/website came from phpBB, the rest was thrown out, changed so much that it's my own creation, and so on. The codebase is about 30% larger than that of phpBB, but only 5% of the code are phpBB (if I had only coded addons, phpBB would account for about 79% of all codes in the above equation) source codes. Then why would I have to say that it's powered by phpBB, when even the most vital parts (DBAL, template system, and so on) are not even from phpBB anymore?

As for the technical support, if you're removing the line for the above reason, you're probably in a position where you don't need technical support from the site here. No offense, I'm just saying things as they are.
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Post by laisvai »

erk wrote: - small penis or some other personality problems

this is good one :lol:
mine opinion is the same..

more... i think you should keep copyrights until there at least one line is original..no matter how big or how many changes you have done, it's just small line, is that so important..
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Post by webcritters »

i keep it on my site because phpbb is l33t.
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Post by phpDummie »

andyofne wrote: My forum was hit by 'hackers' using an exploit that had not yet been patched.

Looking at the server logs it was clear that they used google to find sites using 'powered by phpbb'.

Geez! What's a big deal to alter "Powered by" to a synonym, like "Running on", but still retaining the link? I do not think the phpbb developers would have an issue with that.

In addition to reference to phpbb.com, I keep links for the theme and photoalbum developer, whose products I use. Not so much because I am bound by the user agreement, but because they deserve all the credit for their work that I get to use for free. Heck, the links cost me nothing, too!
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Re: Why would you remove the Powered by phpBB text?

Post by oacblack »

According to the board wide rules and regulations the very least of the footer that needs to be displayed is the "powered by phpbb" Personally i would prefer a graphic because installing tons of mods that footer space gets pretty tall pretty fast. I like the streamline look of images across the bottom much better. I have asked several mod developers if they would mind me using a image instead of the 2-3 lines of text and none so far have opposed. The fact is someone is more likely to click an image than finding a link in a line of text.

I was searching and found that in 2002 a PHPBB developer posted a graphic to be used in place of text. I am searching for something like this for my site.

Sample of mod developer images

I never remove copyrights from developers. You have to support developers. Most my mods i have now are because i saw them on somebody else's site.

If somone knows where to find a powered by phpbb graphic and this method is still supported please respond :)
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Some basic information about copyright

Post by Dog Cow »

US Copyright law was modified a few years ago so that a notice is no longer required to secure copyright protection. Your creative work has copyright as soon as you publish it.

So phpBB is copyrighted software, whether or not the notice is displayed.

Here is a reference to back up my statement: http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-general.html

The following has been quoted from that page for convience.
When is my work protected?
Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

Do I have to register with your office to be protected?
No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration.”

Why should I register my work if copyright protection is automatic?
Registration is recommended for a number of reasons. Many choose to register their works because they wish to have the facts of their copyright on the public record and have a certificate of registration. Registered works may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney's fees in successful litigation. Finally, if registration occurs within 5 years of publication, it is considered prima facie evidence in a court of law. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration” and Circular 38b, Highlights of Copyright Amendments Contained in the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA), on non-U.S. works.

In addition this page explains copyright notices: http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-d ... tml#notice
What is a copyright notice? How do I put a copyright notice on my work?
A copyright notice is an identifier placed on copies of the work to inform the world of copyright ownership that generally consists of the symbol or word “copyright (or copr.),” the name of the copyright owner, and the year of first publication, e.g., ©2006 John Doe. While use of a copyright notice was once required as a condition of copyright protection, it is now optional. Use of the notice is the responsibility of the copyright owner and does not require advance permission from, or registration with, the Copyright Office. See Circular 3, Copyright Notice, for requirements for works published before March 1, 1989, and for more information on the form and position of the copyright notice.

So it may be considered morally wrong to remove the copyright displayed at the bottom of phpBB pages when they are executed, but is not illegal to do so.
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Re: Why would you remove the Powered by phpBB text?

Post by smaaz »

Some people think, that the link will hurt their search engine rankings :roll:
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Re: Why would you remove the Powered by phpBB text?

Post by Eelke »

I would like to make the distinction between copyright and powered by. I personally removed the copyright notice, because I (or at least my users) hold the copyright to most of my site (that is, the content), not phpBB. I have retained the Powered by notice for various reasons, mainly because I like to give credit where it is due and also because it is requested in the readme. This is on a non-profit site, though, I am a little bit more open-minded towards those that run corporate sites and don't like as much to have powered by statements on their site. As long as they do respect the request of the development team and do not come for support if they made that choice.
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Re: Why would you remove the Powered by phpBB text?

Post by Avaya »

I don't see the reason for removing the phpBB logo from the bottom of the page. Might as well give credit where credit is due.
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