Another question on style development

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Another question on style development

Post by SAK ` »

I looked at subSilver's template and it looks like it is using XML to further seperate the switching of layouts between users logged in and out. If we changed XML parse tags by mistake, what kind of error would we get? I was thinking between an XML error and an old-fashioned parse error like phpBB2.

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Re: Another question on style development

Post by pentapenguin »

Thanks to IE, phpBB is served as text/html not XML so you won't get a parse error.
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Re: Another question on style development

Post by ToonArmy »

phpBB doesn't use XML to switch layouts, it uses XHTML for content but thats it. Unless you mean the

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for example. That is not XML, its XHTML comments which are parsed by phpBB.
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