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Post by mapleafan »

I am confused about this issue;

Will there be a converter from PHPbb3 Beta 5 to RC1?

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Re: Converting

Post by Interlog »

From the announcement made, only a database converter will be supplied. Any code amendmends will have to be made by hand.

Furthermore, such a conversion will not be supported.

Mark :D

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Re: Converting

Post by Edinho »

Whats confusing? They have said all along there will be no support for Beta to RC1.

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Re: Converting

Post by pentapenguin »

SHS` said:
SHS` wrote: phpBB3 RC1 (clean install) - Supported
phpBB3 RC1 (clean install) => Convert a phpBB2 - Supported
phpBB3 BetaX => phpBB3 RC1 (upgraded to) - Unsupported
phpBB3 BetaX => Convert a phpBB2 => phpB3 RC1 (upgraded to) - Unsupported
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