Congrats on RC4 Release!

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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by Isaiah »

wicked conversion to RC4
thank you to all the phpBB team and board members offering help tips and things

had 2 error when going from RC3 to RC4, but nothing that wasn't easily fixed with searching this board.
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by mrmikehammond »

Just complete RC3 to RC4 pretty straightforward and everything appears to be working fine so far 8-)

Now don't bring RC5 out for at least a week or two I've got things to do ! :lol:

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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by HOT SPOT »

I have a couple pbpBB2 installs that run great. I recently installed a fresh RC4 release on a new site. It was EASY to install, the documnetion was correct and I love the new features. Great job y'all!!
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by Gorkk »

It's good to see Olympus getting close to release. However there's two things bothering me and which didn't change with the previous version (if someone can tell me where would be the best to post such thing which is more like a feature request, as in every subforum here and at area51 it's said "no bug report or feature request here" :roll: )
  1. The option to show a subforum under its parent works in a completely illogical way: when you activate it, not only will it show in the parent forum, but in all the parents of this parent forum (quite strangely I didn't see much discussion about that except for a thread in the support forum). That's completely silly, and make the option next to useless when you have quite a large board (which is where the subforums become useful). There should be at least an option to show the subforums only in the direct parent...
  2. Rules forum configuration: same here, either a subforum should take its parent rules configuration by default if nothing is set, or there should be an option for it to take the parent settings. There's not much point in having to define the same rules over your dozens of subforums, this makes no sense... (but again I saw no discussion about this through my research, which I can't understand, except if people only get like 10 forums/subforums in all their board... and even then this would make sense completely)
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by flobby22 »

Well, I´ll just make a suggestion, too: Could the developers of phpBB 3 implement that the English buttons are used if specific are not available, please? For example: Let's assume I want to use the German language pack but I do not want to download and install the button package. Now phpBB should use the English standard buttons automatically.
I hope you understand what I mean.
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by Dolemite50 »

Thanks!! Well done chaps.
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by lurttinen »

There is nowhere on this site where you can post feature requests, so please dont post them on this thread either.
phpBB2 and 3 are feture locked and have been that way for years.

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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by WBASS »

Really Thanks so Much Guys, you are making Forums more simple with phpbb3 RC.4 :D Great Admins and Great Moderators and members who helped us a lot of times :P

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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by joebart72 »

Maybe a stupid question but would it be possible to have a manual upgrade for the next version ? I think about those who already have mods installed... :oops:
I learn English with :)
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by Gamer82 »

I have to say I hated phpbb2 (maybe a little harsh) but phpbb3 is great! Great job dev team. :mrgreen:
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by Finkpad »

Just one more voice added to the growing list of THANKYOU's to all you PHPB3 developers.

I've been running v2 on [spam removed - karlsemple] for a couple of years now and upgrade to phpbb3RC4 yesterday... I couldn't believe how smoothly the upgrade went and the resulting forum is just *wow* wildly better than my expectations. V3 is such a huge improvement over 2 it's going to take the web by storm...

Thanks to all!!!!!

Just goes to show that Open Source Rocks.
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by BeautyGal »

My PMs don't work. Every time I click on the inbox in UCP - I'm directed to compose a message. All permissions are set correctly but still it doesn't work! :(
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by A_O_C »

you should try asking your question in the support forum. ;)
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by Calbob »

Awesome I am online and I love it! Thanks!
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Re: Congrats on RC4 Release!

Post by pepspeps »

Congrats! Just waiting now for the GOLD Release... ;)

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