Let just go back to Beta_01 or Beta_02

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Let just go back to Beta_01 or Beta_02

Post by acharabia »

Who is? Phirik? It was made phpbb3 beta_01 by him I think...
Foundametal idea from him and somebody add their idea
and now RC version... But... I frankly... That was better.
Beta-01 or Beta-02 was better for me. So I have conflict now.
Keeping just phpbb3 Beta-01 situation or going back so far to phpbb2...
If phpbb team have a schedule to make phpbb3 real version, I'd like to
suggest type of phpBB3 Beta_01 model. That was the greatest.
So don't be hurry brilliant MOD maker hurry to develope any MODs.
Actually, there is no much need to MOD except calendar, gallery, etc.
If this is impossible I satisfying phpbb3 Beta-01 right now.

Have a nice day all folks~ :geek:

(Having also Lang-pack problem in phpBB3-RC)
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Re: Let just go back to Beta_01 or Beta_02

Post by thebluebus »

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Re: Let just go back to Beta_01 or Beta_02

Post by Brian_RTL »

You think the beta versions are good, you shuda seen the alphas! OMG, those were great. Of course the first development version was clearly the best. None of this pandering to the users "oh! could you make all the features work?" "oh! could you get it to stop crashing?" Feh. I went live with the first dev build, policies be darned, and I haven't looked back.

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Re: Let just go back to Beta_01 or Beta_02

Post by Marshalrusty »

:shock: sums up my thoughts nicely.

SInce Beta 1, the code has been optimized and hundreds of bugs fixed. Not sure in what way it was better. In any case, the betas are no longer supported so this topic is pointless.

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