Thanks SHS`

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Re: Thanks SHS`

Post by aninhill »

Wtf, Thank You!!!!!

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Re: Thanks SHS`

Post by Matt12345 »

dark/Rain wrote:Thanks SHS`! And don't harm Bertie while trying to get "un-kidnapped". :P :)

...could you maybe give a group colour to former phpBB team members? It's really strange/whatever to see "SHS`" in blue :roll:
What about a "Former phpBB team member" group? "Registered users" is a bit too little, isn't it?
There is a past contributors group...look at Paul's profile (psoTFX), but I did notice that both shs' and theFinn, both of whom resigned within the past few months, are not part of the group. Perhaps it is an oversight on the part of the current team or if there are other qualifications/requirements to be a part of this group?

And of course, thank you shs' for all of your hard work and dedication to the project. Greatly appreciated!


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Re: Thanks SHS`

Post by sniper910 »

Thanks SHS` for all the work you have done making phpbb3 wat it pretty much is
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Re: Thanks SHS`

Post by ElbertF »

Happy birthday SHS`!

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Re: Thanks SHS`

Post by Rotsblok »

nevermind got my anwser from karl
Nederlandse Support site
Several dutch translations for 3.1 extensions if you need one or there is an update of an extension feel free to notify me.

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Re: Thanks SHS`

Post by Cuper »

thanks SHS

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