Attachments in a single Line ?

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Attachments in a single Line ?

Post by -=the0ne=- »

Is it possible to have attachments (pics) when posted in line to come on the same line ?

[Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3]

instead of
[Attachment 1]
[Attachment 2]
[Attachment 3]
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Re: Attachments in a single Line ?

Post by Eelke »

My first port of call would be the template file to check if there are any <br />s to be removed...
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Re: Attachments in a single Line ?

Post by BigBlockMopar »

I've been playing around with the dl, dt and dd tags, aswell as the CSS-items but couldn't get the Attachments to be shown horizontally.
Maybe someone else can help out here?
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