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Convert How To

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Convertor FAQ

The procedure is basically the same for converting any message board software to phpBB3. Basic instructions and troubleshooting for doing a conversion are here, ... ml#convert

  • phpBB3 installation. See Install Instructions and Requirements
  • The database of the board you wish to convert from
  • The files of the board you wish to convert from
  • The files and database need to be on the same server as the phpBB3 installation and the files need to be in the same domain. If you are using subdomains, the files need to be in the same subdomain.
Preliminary steps:
phpBB3 needs to be installed. Once phpBB3 is installed, do NOT delete the install directory if you will be converting immediately. If you will be testing and setting up your phpBB3 board prior to the conversion and converting at a later time, rename the install directory to something like _install. This will allow you to use your phpBB3 board. You will be needing the install directory later for the conversion.

You will need specific convertor files for the board software you are converting from. The phpBB2 specific convertor files are included with the phpBB3 installation files. For other board softwares, you will need to get the convertor files from the appropriate phpBB3 convertor topic.

For converting from phpBB2, you only need to point your browser to {phpBB3_root_directory}/install/index.php, click the Convert tab and follow the instructions.
For other board softwares, you will need to upload the convertor files to the appropriate directories. The convertor files you get will consist of two or three files, convert_xxx.php, functions_xxx.php and, optionally, auth_xxx.php. The xxx will generally be the name of the software you are converting from.

Conversion steps:
  1. Install phpBB3. The old message board and the phpBB3 board need to be installed on the same server.
  2. If you are converting from a board other than phpBB2, upload the convertor files which you downloaded from the appropriate topic in the 3.0.x Convertors forum.
    • The download needs to be unzipped into the phpBB root directory maintaining the directory structure, so the auth_xxx.php file will end up in the /includes/auth directory and the functions_xxx.php & convert_xxx.php end up in the /install/convertors directory. The auth_xxx.php allows you to log in after the conversion.
    • The zip file you receive should have the files in the correct directory and you need only to upload the directories, including the files, to the root directory of your phpBB3 installation.
      The directory structures will be like this:
      • {phpBB3_root}/install/convertors/convert_xxx.php
      • {phpBB3_root}/install/convertors/functions_xxx.php
      • {phpBB3_root}/includes/auth/auth_xxx.php
  3. Point your browser to {phpbb_root_directory}/install/index.php, click the convert tab and select the appropriate convertor from the list of available convertors.
  4. Select the correct convertor for the board software you are converting from
  5. Next you will be asked for database information. The database information you are being asked for, is for the database that holds the tables for the board software you are converting from.
    You will be presented with an option for "Refresh page to continue conversion." The default is set to Yes. Normally, you will want to leave it at Yes. The No option is mainly for test purposes.
  6. After entering the database information and pressing the "Begin conversion" button, the convertor will verify that you have entered the correct information.
    If the information is confirmed, you will have another "Begin Conversion" button.
  7. After you click the "Begin Conversion" button, the convertor will check the convertor files.
    If everything is okay, you will be presented with a "Continue Conversion" button.
  8. The convertor will now proceed to convert your old board. Pages will be displayed informing you of the convertor progress.
  9. When the convertor is finished, you will see a message that the Search Index has not been converted.
    You must go into the Administration Control Panel and build the Search Index. In the ACP, click the Maintenance tab and select Search Index from the submenu. The default search backend index is Fulltext native and will be marked active. This is normally the index that you want to use to create your search index.
  10. You should now check your phpBB3 board for proper operation, that permissions are set correctly and forums & posts are displaying correctly. Also make sure files got copied correctly, for example avatars and smilies and attachments (if you have them.)
The convertor will not harm the database of the board software you are converting from. In case of a problem, your old board software will still be fully operational.

If you experience any problems or have questions, please refer to the Convertor docs for common problems or ask in the topic where you got the convertor files from in the case of converting from a non-phpBB board.

See Available Convertors for a list of currently available convertors.
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