[CONVERT] Crawler Converters (Forumer, ZetaBoards, etc.)

Converting from other board software? Good decision! Need help? Have a question about a convertor? Wish to offer a convertor package? Post here.
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Re: [CONVERT] Crawler Converters (Forumer, ZetaBoards, etc.)

Post by jazz511 »

Sorry, but can i use this converter for forum placed on http://myfastforum.org/ , if not, what the converter can help me? Thx
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Re: [CONVERT] Crawler Converters (Forumer, ZetaBoards, etc.)

Post by FoxyofManyLives »

nneonneo wrote:ProBoards converter is no longer available due to nonspecific legal threats from the company.
This is a blow for me to hear. I'm currently trying to extract my group's forums from ProBoards and was hoping to be able to use a converter to save the data. I have an idea as to how I could rescue a lot of the data from ProBoards thanks to the active member base of the forum however it would be much more intensive for me than simply using a crawler. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I might be able to extract our group's data without the use of a converter?
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Re: [CONVERT] Crawler Converters (Forumer, ZetaBoards, etc.)

Post by no_comment »

Hi guys,

For the past 3 or 4 weeks I am trying to use this to convert my phpBB2 board. I get all members but none of the posts. It would seem that the cause of this is a MODification something like "seo friendly". This MODification is changing topic names.
My forum is this: REMOVED URL (I think is 2.0.21)
I don't know what can I do because I really want to move my forum. I even asked for pay help in private message to some users from here. But no help. :(
I send an e-mail also to the creator of the crawlers but received no reply. Please, guys. Please!!! :cry:
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