Issue converting from SMF 2

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Issue converting from SMF 2

Post by MKB-Psycho » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:14 pm

Hi all

Having an issue doing a conversion from SMF to PHBB and wonder if anyone got any ideas.

I've started out with a MinIBB forum, that i ran a successful conversion over to SMF forum and this took a while but worked OK, i'm now trying to convert the SMF into PHPBB and it seems to be failing when doing the Posts / Topics (not sure but this is the tables in the DB that seem to be getting populated when it fails).

If i run the conversion on my webhost, it seems to crash out after 30s, even though i've edited the PHP ini settings file on the server and confirmed that it's set to 120secs, but then doesn't seem to carry on and add more data to the MySQL DB when i restart it.

Tried then setting up a local conversion and this also is failing, but instead of a 500 error (which is what i get above), it just says page cannot be displayed, but equally cannot move any data over, even when i do a resume it doesn't seem to add anything more to the SQL DB.

Is there any way of increasing the logging and trying to work out where it is actually failing or anyone have any ideas as really want to convert into PHPBB as much prefer it!


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