There are no Polish characters

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There are no Polish characters

Post by kaszkai »


after converting to phpBB3 lack of Polish characters ąłśćę->³ê¶±¿

Conversions performed with php Fusion to phpbb2 here are OK Polish characters.
At phpbb2 are Polish characters
On the phpbb 3.0.12 no Polish characters.

When I download a copy of the database from phpbb2 are Polish characters.

Category names and forum have Polish characters Polish characters is not only in posts in phpbb 3.0.12

Already I do not know what's going on....

I noticed that after the installation of phpBB3 have the default language PL after logging into the ACP is all in English, and in a forum setting the default language PL.
I would add that language EN is uninstalled
Poland ;)


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