Postnuke 0.762 to phpBB3

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Postnuke 0.762 to phpBB3

Post by ecwpa » Mon May 28, 2007 12:47 am

this could be a convertor request or maybe not at all

i have a news site running pn .762 with its "news" module, what i've seen is that every news author is saved as a string (the author nick) and not the id so converting to phpbb would be a bit diferent

also, every news article is linked to a "topic" module, every article has a topic and a "type"

for example:
article: phpbb3rc1 released
topic: open source
type: news

then there are more topics like hardware, software, security, etc
and types like article, review, preview, rumor, etc

the type thing wouldnt be possible for now in a vanilla phpbb installation i think, but the rest its pretty possible

i dont have the necesary skills to make a convertor, but i've been learning a bit about sql in school so im not totally lost in this

there are around 15 users and 4k news stories (with no comments), what i need to know is wich instance must be filled when creating every topic in a phpbb3 topic as a start, later a lot of help creating a convertor :geek:

thanks, and sorry again for my bad english
carefull, not english speaker native here


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