MyBB to phpBB3 GOLD!

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Faisal Shah
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MyBB to phpBB3 GOLD!

Post by Faisal Shah »

I need help! i am an old user of phpBB! I started with RC7 and during upgrade to RC8 i lost my DATA and i became angry :(

and i Moved to MyBB~
But now i want to come back to phpBB ;)
As they have finally got 3.0.0 Gold release!
So i need help regarding to this ;)
I want to convert my MyBBs Database into phpBB3 and then start over again! as now i don't want to lose any member / Posts!

CAN you help me regarding to this?

Mr. Chinn
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Re: MyBB to phpBB3 GOLD!

Post by Mr. Chinn »

i'm wanting to do this as well, anyone?
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Re: MyBB to phpBB3 GOLD!

Post by todespudel »

There is still no MyBB-->phpbb3 convertor (and I doubt that there will be one in the near future). You can either go Mybb->phpbb2->phpbb3 using my convertor or you can go sth. like MyBB->SMF->phpbb2->phpbb3.

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