Non-profit phpBB needs a fix and light ongoing support

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Paul M
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Non-profit phpBB needs a fix and light ongoing support

Post by Paul M » Thu May 16, 2019 3:00 pm

Title/Job Description: phpBB3 technical support expert

Target audience: (e.g. professionals, hobbyists, students) collectors

Reward: (e. g. money, backlinks, fame) money

Deadline: Repair current key issue(s) as soon as possible and then ongoing light maintenance and possibly updates as described below.

Preferred contact method: (e.g. PM, e-mail) e-mail

Link to the board: Will be provided to suitable candidates

Detailed description of the tasks:

We have a long established phpBB with thousands of registered users and hundreds of active uses. In general we are happy with our current older system 3.0.14 that has been running fine for years but our e-mail function has stopped working in the past week or so (possibly due to corrupt base 64 in cron.php file according to our hosting service). Therefore users don't get notified of new posts or replies and cannot e-mail each other. So we are in need of a specialist to restore that file and generally repair that issue and look into a few other less important functional changes resulting from a recent security certificate implementation. We have custom CSS and menus. Long term we need an updated version to add mobile responsiveness, php security updates and potentially phpbb3 latest version.
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Re: Non-profit phpBB needs a fix and light ongoing support

Post by janus_zonstraal » Thu May 16, 2019 3:55 pm

Contact you
Sorry! My English is bat ;) !!!


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