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Post by Mohus »

Title/Job Description: Groups++ Extension

Target audience: PhpBB Board Owners and Users

Reward: Money

Deadline:1-3 Months

Preferred contact method: PM

Link to the board:none - To be published in the extension public forums.

Detailed description of the tasks
All functionalities are already implemented in PhpBB, it is just a matter of organization.

PhpBB ACP Admin
From a single page an admin can create a group, at the same time the group is created a forum with the same name as the group is created giving only the group (that posses the same name) a user access permission, thus only users who join the group can view the topics of that forum. Anyone can join the groups created via the Groups++ Extension.
This is currently achievable through many steps, what this page will do is combine all these steps into one page.
Guests group should have a "No" permission on all forums created by this page.

PhpBB User

Main page (If no groups are chosen)

Guest and non signed in users should always be redirected to login /registration page, This will happen automatically for forums that are created using the extensions page.

If the user is logged in and is only a member of the default group that PhpBB places new users in there should be a note that says
“To View Discussion Topics Please Click Here to Select the Forums You’re Interested In”
The page the user will visit will simply add or remove the user from the public groups of his/her choice.
A link at the top navigation menu should also link to this page to allow the user to change his/her preference in the topics viewed.

Main page (If groups are chosen)
It will basically display the latest topics from the forums via group selection that he/she chooses to join. Could be limited to 20-40 Topics in more than one page (like the recent topics extension)

In All Users Posts and Topics
Under the user Avatar or name there should be a Text That Says
“Block User” when clicked the user should be added to the “foe list”.
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Re: Groups++

Post by Mohus »

Expect it soon in the Extensions in Development 👍.

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