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Forum Aliased User Profile Lists

Post by thebirdman23 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:54 pm

Hello, and thank you for your time.

I am in search of someone able to create a quality, and most of all, efficient extension.
Preferably someone who is willing to maintain the extension through future phpBB releases.

This extension will provide users with the ability to add items to lists from within their UCP.
List items would be displayed on their profile and appear like topics in a forum.
These 'list item topics' would also be aliased to predetermined forums around the board and appear like any other topic in said forums.
Lists would be defined as 'list-sets' in a unique section of ACP->Users.
Lists will contain a set of custom fields to represent the information contained within an item.
Lists should also define aliasing locations which are ultimately selectable by users when adding items.
Users will be required to select one and only one aliasing location, all other fields can optionally be marked as required.
Individual lists will be made available to users on a per-usergroup basis.
Adding or editing a list item is to be done in a unique section of UCP->Profile.
Adding/editing items will display the custom fields defined in the list along with the ability to choose a single aliasing location.
Users will be able to post comments on other users items as if they were posting against a normal topic.
Comment posting rights should be individually controlled by each user allowing 'everyone', 'friends only', or 'self only'.
Users should optionally have full rights over their list items granting the ability to delete other users posts.

Those are most of the details and I think it paints a pretty clear picture of what is required.
There is one more required feature and it's kind of tough to explain without writing an essay.

'Aliasing Locations' should be programmatically generated based on selecting a parent category/forum.
When creating a list-set, the administrator should select a category/forum containing subcategories or subforums.
This top-level-parent will be the starting point for determining our aliasing locations.
During item creation, this parent will be displayed as a drop-down-box containing its direct child categories and forums.
The drop-down and all selections contained within will be labeled with the name of whatever category or forum it represents.
When the user makes their selection, the category/forum that selection represents will be parsed for any child categories or forums of its own.
This process repeats until the user makes a final selection containing no children.
This final selection must represent a forum and not a category since that will be our aliasing target for this items topic.

If anyone is interested please send me a PM and we can figure out a reasonable price.
I would like this extension submitted into the phpBB extension database and made available to the public.
Submission will also give the author fame/kudos/place for donation link/etc..
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