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Fast Login Extension

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 5:01 am
by domm
Title/Job Description:
Fast Login Extension built to enable login with Fast login button ( &

Extension needs to:
* add the Fast hover button to all public (non-logged in) pages on-site.
* add the inline Fast login button to the login form
* add back-end support to validate the Fast login from redirect and create the phpBB session
* create an account for the user if a new user (email not in DB) logs in through Fast

Target audience: (e.g. professionals, hobbyists, students)
phpBB webmasters

Reward: (e. g. money, backlinks, fame)

1 Week

Preferred contact method: (e.g. PM, e-mail)

Link to the board:

Detailed description of the tasks:
Fast API and button docs here: