Looking for phpBB expert to work with Adafruit!

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Looking for phpBB expert to work with Adafruit!

Post by adafruit »

Hi folks, we are looking for phpBB expert to work with Adafruit!

Title/Job Description:
phpBB expert / developer

Target audience: (e.g. professionals, hobbyists, students)
Post-purchase customers of adafruit.com who have questions/need support for their open-source hardware and software needs.

Reward: (e. g. money, backlinks, fame)
Contractor, payable in USD via direct payment (bank transfer, PayPal, etc.).

To be determined.

Preferred contact method: (e.g. PM, e-mail)
Email: phpbb@adafruit.com

Link to the board:

Detailed description of the tasks:
Migrate an older phpBB with custom modifications to the latest stable phpBB and PHP, porting over modifications. Modifications include: custom theme, single sign-on functionality, moderation tools, RSS feeds, post editor customization, unit and functional tests, and more.

Add and improve features: anti-spam measures (detection w/ Akismet and link-spam detection, verify user email and purchase history), two-factor authentication for mods and admins, updating deployment automation, and more.

Ideal candidates will be able to integrate with our development practices, including but not limited to: collaboration via GitHub, working with virtual machines and containers, unit testing with PHPUnit, Amazon EC2 and RDS, automated deployment with Ansible, weekly sprint planning meetings, work tracking via Pivotal Tracker, and live discussion via Slack.

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