Invitation to tender [VB to phpBB conversion]

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Invitation to tender [VB to phpBB conversion]

Post by spot »

Title/Job Description:

Conversion FROM VBulletin 4.0.4 patch level 2 TO vanilla phpBB 3.3 on Debian Buster (10.3)


End of May 2020

Preferred contact method: (e.g. PM, e-mail)

This thread or PM initially. email/phone/whatsapp available.

Detailed description of the tasks:

I have tried to do it myself several times with this site's vb4 convertor 1.1.1 into phpBB 3.0.11. I've passed the point where it's a valuable learning experience, it's now stopping me from doing things and I see no likelihood of me getting it finished.

I've hit dead ends with:

mysqldump UTF8 3-byte and 4-byte incompatibility when restored on the new host. This is not a matter I understand at all, but it brought down the convertor. I do not understand how mysql can have so many categories of character set.

I also failed to find the mysql maximum release level allowed on phpBB 3.0.11 - the phpBB install can't even see I'm running mysql at all on my new host.

I've not even reached a stage where I've got a working phpBB 3.0.11 version of the new host, much less upgraded that to 3.3.

I can switch my new host (Debian 10 LAMP) between php-fpm 5.6, 7.2 and 7.3. I think they're suitable for the process.

I already run phpBB 3.3 on other sites, it's just this wretched ancient VBulletin site I can't bring back into health. The VBulletin updates started failing years back after the level it's patched to and it's all costing too much now to leave on the existing host at locked-in hosting rates.

I will mysqldump from the existing server and move that to the target host at DigitalOcean. You can have all the passwords to the target, I'll make the SQL dump using your own parameters.
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