Troubles using Dutch language packet

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Troubles using Dutch language packet

Post by peter-57 »


I am using phpBB3 and it works well. I installed the DUTCH language packet.
However some matters are missing.

When someone sets his preferences to DUTCH, he is not able (when logged in) to edit or quote his message. One is just able to delete it. When using the English package these symbols are there.
So symbols seem to be missing in the Dutch package.

Second problem ...

When a forum still has 0 messages there is - with the English package - a symbol for a new topic. When using the Dutch package there is no symbol.
ONLY when there is at least one message one sees a sentence "nieuw onderwerp" when using the Dutch package.

This is a serious set-back as un-experienced Dutch users complain about the forum.

Can anyone change this?

Thanks for the help!!!
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Re: Troubles using Dutch language packet

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Hello Peter,

Welcome to :)

Have you installed the language specific image files for subSilver2 and proSilver style located to the right of the Dutch language files in the language package download section?
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