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Get help with installation and running phpBB 3.3.x here. Please do not post bug reports, feature requests, or extension related questions here.
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ReadMe Before Posting

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I. Are You In the Right Place? #
  • Below is a list of the phpBB 3.3.x forums on this site with their respective descriptions. As posting in the wrong forum will result in your topic not being seen by the people who can contribute to it best, please be sure to choose the forum that best fits your issue. If you decide to post in a different forum, please be sure to read the stickies and announcements that are present in that forum before posting.
  • What if I need help installing/configuring PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc.? #
    There are many other boards that deal specifically with server configurations. Simply do a Google search for "MySQL help forum" to find 100s of boards that will be more than happy to assist you.
  • How do I report a bug? #
    Bugs in phpBB should be reported here.
    Bug reports about this website should be submitted here.
  • How do I report a security related issue? #
    Vulnerabilities should be submitted here.
  • My board has been hacked, what do I do? #
    Please do the following before making any modifications to your board (this includes changing passwords, editing files, running the support toolkit, etc.):
    1. Save a copy of the files (simply create a local copy of the files on the server).
    2. Save a copy of the database.
    3. Save the server access logs and FTP logs for the time of the hack (they may be available in the 'logs' directory on the server, in your host's control panel or only by request directly from your host).
    4. File a report in the Incident Tracker. Attach the items from steps 1-3 when you file the report or upload them to a secure location for the incident investigation team to download. Please do not start a new topic in the support forum, the proper place for incident reports is the tracker.
II. Frequently Asked Questions #
  • What versions of PHP are supported? #
    • phpBB 3.3.11+: PHP >= 7.2.0, >= 7.3.2, >= 7.4.0, >= 8.0.0
    • phpBB 3.3.0 - 3.3.10: PHP >= 7.1.3, >= 7.2.0, >= 7.3.2, >= 7.4.0, >= 8.0.0
  • Can I use extensions, styles, or language packs made for phpBB 3.2 installations? #
    Maybe. Some extensions from 3.2.x may work with 3.3.x, but not all. You will need to ask the extension author to determine if the extension will be compatible with 3.3.x. Styles and language packs from phpBB 3.2.x will need updates in order to be fully compatible with 3.3.x.
  • Can I use MODs, Styles, or language packs made for phpBB2 or phpBB3 installations? #
    No. MODS, styles, and language packs from phpBB 3.0.x are not compatible with phpBB 3.3.x.
  • How do I convert my old phpBB board to 3.3.x? #
    The conversion guide is in the /docs/ directory of your installation package, or online.

    III. Seeking Assistance #
    • Support Forum
      • Please remember that those who help you, do so on a voluntary basis. Note the following when asking a question:
        • Just like in real life, you are much more likely to receive assistance if you are courteous and respectful. Users who demand help or attack others are often ignored by the community. Users who make a habit of being disrespectful will be warned: Rules:#respectful-posting. #
        • Please do not use generic topic titles like "I need help" or "Getting an error". Remember, a descriptive title will attract much more attention than a generic one. #
        • Please do not post your message in ALL CAPS, bold, large, or bright text or use excessive punctuation. This goes for the title as well. #
        • Please do not bump your topic until at least 6 hours have passed since the last response. Since most of us answer questions in the order they were posted, frequent bumping will only push you further away from help. #
        • When starting a new topic, be sure to fill out the Support Request Template. If you don't know the answer to something, leave it blank. Keep in mind, however, that more details will help us answer your question more accurately. #
    • IRC
      • If you prefer to ask for assistance via online chat, you can reach us on IRC and Discord. Please be sure to read the Discord / IRC page for links and general rules. Note that certain questions (particularly those having to do with code changes) are difficult to ask/answer in a chat room. As a general rule, more complex questions are best asked in the support forum. #
    • Other
      • Please remember that PMing, IMing or emailing team members for support is against the rules. Support is only offered via the board and Discord/IRC. #
    The Support Team

    Note: Please PM me if you have a suggestion or find an error in this notice.

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