Common problems while upgrading to 3.3.0

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Common problems while upgrading to 3.3.0

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Problem: Unsupported version of PHP #
If your PHP version is not greater than PHP 7.1.3, you will be unable to run phpBB 3.3.0. If you are running an unsupported version of PHP, you will receive the following error:

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You are running an unsupported PHP version. Please upgrade to PHP 7.1.3 or higher before trying to install or update to phpBB 3.3
Update your version of PHP to 7.1.3 or higher. You may need to ask your host to do this or simply toggle a setting in your website's control panel. Be aware, that PHP versions can sometimes be set differently for individual directories. If you receive this error, then that folder is still running an old version. To test this, create a PHP file with the following in it to see your version: <?php phpinfo();

Problem: Incompatible extension #
If you receive the following error, it means that an extension is using a deprecated service configuration:

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Exception: The file "/path/to/forum/ext/<author>/<extension name>/config/services.yml" does not contain valid YAML: The reserved indicator "@" cannot start a plain scalar; you need to quote the scalar at line <number> (near "- @config").
This definition style was deprecated in phpBB 3.2.0 and fully unsupported in phpBB 3.3.0.

Obtain an updated version of the extension from its author. Do NOT post in the Support forum about this problem.

Problem: The installer detected a timeout #
If you receive this message after only a few seconds, check your server's error log (not phpBB's) to see if there is a suppressed PHP error that needs to be addressed.
If this occurs after about 30 seconds, you may need to increase your PHP timeout value or use the command line method of updating.

Problem: Unable to delete or mark PMs in UCP folder view #
It is not possible to delete or mark PMs while in the UCP's folder view.

Delete the PM while in the PM view and not the folder view.

or apply the following code changes:
Pull Request:

Problem: Failure while aqcuiring locks (Strato webhost) #
It has been reported that users of the webhost Strato are receiving the following error:

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PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught phpbb\\exception\\http_exception: Failure while aqcuiring locks.
This webhost has made several claims as to why this occurs:
  • The Argon2 PHP extension is missing
  • It's a database problem
None of these would cause the problem.

None at this time. This has been narrowed down to being caused by having the web root on a NFS mount.

Problem: Outdated language pack #
Some pages report the following error at the top:

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[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/phpbb/language/language.php on line <number>: vsprintf(): Too few arguments
Update your language pack to one that is compatible with phpBB 3.3.0.

Problem: Passwords don't work after upgrading and then downgrading PHP #
Newer versions of PHP offer new password hashing algorithms which we make use of. If you upgrade to PHP 7.2, passwords will be hashed using Argon2i. If you upgrade to PHP 7.3+, they will be hashed with Argon2id. If you then downgrade to a version of PHP where these algorithms are not available, phpBB will be unable to verify the passwords which were converted to these algorithms. New passwords will be stored using the strongest algorithm available to your system, but converted ones will require a reset.

  1. Stop upgrading and then downgrading your PHP version. ;)
  2. Users who have had their passwords converted to the new algorithms will need to use the password reset feature to reset their passwords.
  1. If possible, upgrade your version of PHP back to what it was.
  1. If compiling PHP yourself, re-compile it with Argon2 support: ... sword.html

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